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Kung-Fu Yoga (2017)

Kung-Fu Yoga (2017)

Do you remember the time of Jackie Chan movies without special effects?

I miss those times.

It's not one of those retired agent a la Hollywood movies this time though. It's Bollywood! And Jackie's not an agent, but a professor. The cultural bit makes for an interesting immersion of cultures, with a great cast but unfortunately (as is often the case) very average scripting.

Back in the day that was more than made up for with pretty impressive stunts and fights, but though they're still prevalent they fall on the sidelines now. There's not the same sense of danger and realness to it all.

The Dubai chase was pretty cool, almost Fast and Furious-like, but the special effects are just... not his style. And for the most part not authentic. His style's authenticity, and by the fights it seems he's still got that part down alright. Maybe the days of huge death-defying stunts are over, but he's not retired quite yet. I start wishing they'd focus more on that, and towards the end they start to. But it's a bit late.

The movie has an imaginative feel to it - a bit like the Operation Condor era movies, and the sights are fantastic, both real and staged. It's light-hearted adventure, with a few beautiful women and slapstick humor, and in the end: a mighty dance scene! It really was Bollywood after all. :D

Though even that dance scene wasn't the greatest, fun as it was to see.

Too fast, maybe? A hybrid of music and style that didn't really match? It feels like they're trying too hard, or sometimes too little (to make up for trying to hard?), and sometimes moving too fast with the plot progression, but in the end it was an uplifting movie.

It's the kind I like to see, even if it's not the best of its kind. It's the kind of movies he started with, and I'm glad he's back to origins - with a few familiar HK faces too. Score going for a low...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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