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Kung Fury (2015)

I helped fund the Kung Fury kickstarter some time ago, yet it was only recently I was made aware that... the movie's out! :O And has been a while. Why was I not made aware? What email did I miss?!! Well, I've seen it now, and so should you if you haven't. It's a free, 30-minute feature-film homage to oldskool creative 80s action that anyone can enjoy in HD on YT right here.

Apart from plenty of punchlines and diverse methods of carnage, there's an exclusive theme song by none other than oldskool 80s icon David Hasselhoff, a soundtrack featuring such talents as Mitch Murder, and a plot that spans the fiendish Kung Fu Reich, a Viking Age (with dinosaurs) and a parallel eighties in which arcade bot's ran rampant and wrecked havoc on our streets. But it's OK! With the help of Hackerman, our main hero Kung Fury travels back in time to sort things out. He travels so far back, however, that he has to ask Thor for help getting back to the present. Things happen, and 30 minutes fly by in a blaze aaaaand..

It's a blast! It never slows down. Just goes and goes and goes, and keeps entertaining. The special effects (the whole movie takes place in front of a green screen) are a bit over the edge, and clearly special effects, which if you consider it a flaw would be the one big flaw in this movie. I miss that authentic feeling I consider the grand forte of original action movies from this homeaged day and age, with gigantic explosions and carnage on a material level - no matter how fake it seemed to be, and I really hoped this movie would incorporate some of those oldskool techniques despite their focus on green screens, but... I guess you can't ask for everything! A crazy, creative; fun-to-watch homeage to the mad actionfests of the eighties is more than enough to make it worthy a watch.

Fun fact: how I found out the movie was out already: they had an article about it in N, Norweigen's in-flight magazine on the last trip I flew! You can find a less visual edition of the article online, here.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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