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Laputa: Castle In The Sky (1986)

Laputa: Castle In The Sky (1986)

AKA Tenkû No shiro Rapyuta.

What a masterpiece this was.

Magical, romantic, dreamy but real, soldiers falling to their death in troves and masses... I wonder if Studio Ghibli are as real with their newer movies. Can't recall anyone dying in Spirited Away, for example, but this was another world, and another time.

It's like the rules of animation followed the rules of engagement in the world they portrayed herein. Inspired by Europe, and fairytales of a floating castle, and a boy and a girl of which one is a princess...

I loved this, really. The detail in animation is fantastic, but beyond that it just feels so good. The emotions are palpable and clear. The robot, the pirates, the others... they're all easy to read - but not dumb. Not simple in their desires or motives; in their wants and needs. They do have depth.

So does the villain, but maybe not the brash but brainless general who ultimately pays the ditto (ultimate that is) price.

I wonder what the inscription at the tomb read too, and they never even went inside... there's a sense of mystery they leave us with, aside from the dreams. With the craters and the abyss, too, that you see when you fly over the land at a particular point in the movie.

It's clear that people lead a hard life, and Pazu lives in what seems to be the ruins of an old fortress, but they lead a happy life too.

They never really focus on the history, on what was, only that there once was a time of castles, and now here we are now. Jump into their world and dream away, to what the future holds, and where the past might've carried them hundreds of years before...

I haven't seen all the Ghibli movies, but even if I did I think this one might be my favorite.

There's something real about it that I'm not sure the newer ones still have, but of course there's a captivating element of timelessness and myth too.

It's a children's tale, but I'm not sure I'd have appreciated it half as much
when I actually was a child.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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