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Last Last Night's Dream

I dreamt that I was picking up my cellphone - in a sleepy state, when the alarm rang. Confused. For a second or so I looked at my phone and wondered why it beeped like my alarm... and then I woke up.

In the dream I was visiting my buddy Nick somewhere in the Swedish archipelago (he actually lives in the UK), where they had a little house. It was a beautiful place, surrounded by a widespread belt of low-grounded green islands and shimmering dark water between them.

We'd just paddled there today, and were now pondering if I should take the (two hour) trip back, or stay for the night.

I asked if he'd expected I'd stay the night and honestly he hadn't, so I thought: alright, if the sun doesn't set too early - and I have GPS on my phone - then I might as well attempt the trip.

It was a scary prospect because the archipelago both is and looked like a maze from where we stood. Uninhabited islands stretched out around us in all directions, and considering it was 10 PM - the sun already low on the horizon, it was unreasonable to believe I'd make it back anyway before it had gone down entirely.

Not to mention we were both actually lying in our beds when we first discussed this. We were both tired. The room looked a bit like another buddy's old two-bed room out in Norrtälje, and the whole scenario reminded me of a visit to another buddy up in Överkalix. Somehow three of my best friends merged for this one occasion.

But it's a dream, so such things happen.

I never did learn if I was brave enough to face the unknown, and embark out into the waves on a trip back to civilization, or (the more realistic alternative) I stayed the night, and then gave it a try the next morning.

It seemed like he'd be staying a while, anyway, but I felt like I had a deadline to catch... somehow.

Earlier in the dream I remember being with my brother, and nephew, and I think we were in Östersund... but that part is all a haze at this point. The archipelago maze and confusing moment waking up with my in-dream cellphone - that's what I clearly remember.


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