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Last Man Down (2021)

Last Man Down (2021)

The Scandinavian Rambo? Why not!

He looks tough. He acts tough. He can actually chop wood. The action scenes aren't bad either, the nature's beautiful, and so is the girl but... she really looks a little weak when they fight it out back to back.

I like the idea (post-apocalyptic world post potential pandemic - a group of alphas in search for immunity so they can control the world - a bit like Mad Max with relevant reference to the current world situation), and I like the actors, and I like the ATTITUDE.

The nature's beautiful too, and refreshingly different compared to most grittier sceneries in action movies thee days - be that cities or desolate deserts and run down ruins.

But the dialog's not all perfect, the delivery's not all perfect, sometimes they speak a bit too much, sometimes Daniel moves a bit unnaturally slow, sometimes the girl seems unnaturally bad-ass too...

The intro scene might've been one of the most polished ones I've seen in a while, and the filmography's never bad, nor the acting, it's just not as polished after the intro.

It starts to lacks substance. The characters come across almost robotic in their ruse to rule the world. Where's the personality? Even a villain needs more than confidence and conviction. They need some ulterior motive. Or charisma. Nuance. It's like we never get to see where it's all going and where it could've gone...

I did thoroughly enjoy this, and was pleasantly surprised to see it had Swedish origins too.

It just unfortunately falls a little short along the way.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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