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Last Night's Dream

I dreamt I was involved in a prison break.

I'm not sure how it all started, but suddenly we were breaking out! It was me and two other guys - though I knew I wasn't the guy who I was in the dream.

In the beginning I think I was just a bystander. For some reason the prisoners were in our home, but as they continued their journey i switched places with one of them, until that guy was me.

It was strange, because only people who believed in the prisoners could see them. We were having tea with this old lady who was my character's grandma - not sure who she was, and though we could all see the prisoner, she couldn't. The police could, though. They almost caught them as they escaped through a gigantic yellow-tiled hall.

Them, not us? I'm a bystander again.

Moments later we were all on a pirate ship, and two guys in particular were in charge of the whole thing. One with a beard, and another... with an even greater beard. The leader looked a bit like Jack Sparrow's dad, and the other guy like your average tough guy. Like the lead singer in Bad Wolves.

Before this, one of the guys tried to escape with a girl... and something valuable. They drove away in a car - but crashed, and he was impaled in one eye with a tree branch, and she right through her torso. They ran out of the car and onward, trying to get away from each other, but succumbed to their injuries on something that seemed like a dusty hilltop - a bit like the border land in El Gringo. They talked a bit, and I think I might have been one of them... but I don't remember what they said.

Then they were back to the pirate ship; there to ask if they could be buried at sea. It was their right, and tradition.

Moments earlier I was on a school trip, with a bus that traversed the craziest roads! It rolled down one particular slope that reminded me of the first fall in Kålmården's new flagship rollercoaster last year: Wildfire.

I gasped for air at the descent... and I sat beside a girl on the bus who did the same. Because of this shared reaction to this temporary escape from gravity we started talking. The sights were beautiful btw - we looked out the window too, and really enjoyed them - even if the bus ran at the edges of ravines and all the most dangerous drops. There were no fences.

There was a guy too. Or two, maybe? We all became good friends, and later when the bus passed by our homes (in Bro) we all jumped off.

There were plenty of other people on the bus, but it turned out we all lived in the same area, and on a road that goes up a hill near my house we decided to have an obstacle course.

There was one particular wall of sand that pretty much ran vertically... and we decided to climb it! They had metal bars you could grab onto at the top, but it was frighteningly high and seemed to be easily collapsible.

I climbed like I had no fear of death though, and made it! And then it was time to go home, because the time was 23:11. One of the guys said he had to be home by six (a black guy), and I remember being happy someone else had worried parents, and also being surprised that it was the black guy.

I should have been surprised about the time, since it hadn't been long since the bus dropped us off - so there was no chance he'd have been able to match that time anyway.

I said something about how it'd be great if we could meet again - thinking we could go jogging. I have no idea if they liked jogging (I hate jogging - but in the dream I seemed to be in better shape), and we swapped addresses. Or more like: areas. I was the only one that really provided a street number, as I lived pretty much right by the place we were, and we sort of maybe decided to meet there again.

I had company of the girl on my way home, though, and it turns out she lived on the same street! We talked some more... and that's when I woke up. It was a good dream after all.


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