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Lazer Team (2015)

Lazer Team (2015)

Now this was a bit of a silly movie. A silly, but good movie! One where a group of friends and strangers - outcasts and misfits the lot of them, one day accidentally shoot down a UFO packed with a special suit bestowed upon the humans by an alien race in the wake of an invasion. The champion of Earth was to wield the suit and save them all, but instead these guys get the suit. They try one part each, and each part locks on, and instead of one well-trained champion Lazer Team is born.

Against immeasurable odds they must succeed: train, and beat the bad guys! Or must they? There's some squabble, and some unintended spin-off adventure, but in the end they embrace their fate and battle for the future of this world!

All in all it was better than I expected. There's comedy. There's some pretty effectual smoke screens, and the actors are OK, but the special effects are horrible. Not all of them, but definitely the Alien holograms in the stadium - the one big effect for the biggest showdown of the movie.

You might not have noticed it was a B-movie so easily if it weren't for those budget effects, but when all's said and done... it did what it was meant to do: it entertained! On the plus side the suit looked pretty cool, and the theme song was awesome. Not flawless overall, but a good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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