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Left Behind (2014)

Left Behind (2014)

What would you do if suddenly, all the kids in the world just disappear? Kids, and some other people, and only the bad guys were left.

The premises for the plot his full of promise, but it doesn't feel like they make the most of it. Why's the guy who wants to pray to Allah still on the plane? What did the main character do to merit getting left behind like that? Biggest question of all: how are all the supposed sinners in this story the ones we feel the most compassion towards?

I don't know how I jumped into this religious voyage... guess it had something to do with how the movie cover depicted a burning jet and Nicholas cage, pilot, standing worried on the barren stretch of sand in front of it. But the movie wasn't all the action I expected, even though it did have one fierce landing sequence and brewing anarchy, and some really nice footage of various items getting thrown through windows or glass being shattered in other ways.

It was a message, and though I'm not sure if I want to either disbelieve or believe, it was an inspiring one as such, and at times pretty emotional. Somehow all movies of this sort still feel like attempted brainwash sessions, but I'd say this one came the closest to being a good movie without shoving religious moral straight in your face. It's standing a few steps away, like a homeless person holding a big sign. I won't spoil it for you (well, I guess this whole review is a major spoiler already...), just know that if you are an adamant atheist, this might not be your type of movie.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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  1. S3C
    Sunday Dec/7/2014

    dafuq?? I was reading through this thinking Left Behind came out in 2009, mistaking it for the movie "Knowing" also starring Nic Cage, and also being a dystopian moving where the world is ending. Have you seen it?? The movie is better IMO than this one (I've only seen the original though), it's more sci-fi although it does have some subtle non-specific/vague Christian religious undertones.

    The original film stars Kirk Cameron, a former atheist child/teen-actor now a born again Christian, who to my knowledge now primarily is missionary-evangelist and only acts in Christian-themed films. There's actually three movies in the Left Behind series.

    1. If all the kids in the world suddenly disappeared, I would blame it on Pedobear/Herbert the Pervert/The Ghost of Michael Jackson

    2. The movie is not a veiled attempt to brainwash you, it's literally trying to convert you to Christianity or illustrate a possible scenario of the Second Coming. atleast the original was very Christian-centric, hence Muslims do not go to heaven

    3. In the original, some of the Christians were left behind to explain the word of God to non-believers

    4. Everyone's a sinner. Children are innocent however, so they are taken to heaven. Non-believers are left behind on Earth, Christians are taken to heaven, except the select few who are left behind to become new world missionaries...seems counter-intuitive because not everyone is going to be converted all the same...the world is inevitably just going to end up the same. I guess God is shy LOL and wants to leave it to Kirk Cameron and crew

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Dec/7/2014

    Oh yeah, that one was pretty great! Though I remember the final CGI scene with a huge tidal wave turning over a ship was so incredibly fake... but... wait a minute, mixing up movies here, turns out that's Next (2007). Great movie overall, though. Adding Knowing to my watchlist...

    Definitely have to watch the 2000 version of this as well, now that you've made me aware of it. Religious undertones are OK if they don't get in the way of the movie, but by the looks of it, in this series, the undertones are all over. :/

    1. lmao, but ghosts are harmless!

    2. Yeah that's the kind of movie I have a bit of a problem with... I suppose this version might not be as unveiled as the previous, though. I figured that could be it, though I wanted there to be more thoughtful explanation, considering Allah could be just another name for God... I guess some people aren't noticing the irony there! Also guessing some people might get a bit offended there. Wonder if Muslims ever watch Christian movies hmm...

    3. This time they all seem like very unwilling messengers. :)

    4. Mmm, making the world a better place with all the good people gone's bound to be a pretty daunting task!

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