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Legend (1985)

Legend (1985)

Here's a fairytale like you haven't seen before, featuring Tom Cruise as the wild boy (I mean literally - birthed of the wilderness), and Mia Sara as the fair princess, who touches a unicorn and unknowingly plays into the plot of a scheming evil - a demon (or devil?) wanting for all to fall to their rule of darkness. The darkness rises and the world is laid in shambles, but a brave group of forest people can save it yet! And of course, the brave princess Lili chips in too.

The costume designs are awesome, and so is the scenery. Most of it's clearly fake, but it's so thoroughly made that even when you know it is, it doesn't break the atmosphere at all. Everything brews with theatrics, a flashy show of dark and light and cold and warm and elements that prevail for all our senses. It's how a fairy tail should be, beautiful and dramatic, comical and harmless, yet hopeless, heroic and honest and expected - an adventure for all ages. Refreshingly different and promiscuously pure.

And did I mention it's directed By Ridley Scott? Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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