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Legend Of Korra END

Just in time for Christmas, one of only three anime's I still follow ends! It ended with a bang, and just a little bit too abruptly. I was wondering how they'd be able to tie up all relations in just two remaining episodes, and as it went I'm not sure they really did.

It was good; the whole series was a blast, but looking back at it I can't help feel like the entire series of events was needlessly rushed. And not just because I caught up to the first three seasons at a pace of less than two days a piece. It jumps right into the action from the very first episode, and that's how it keeps on rolling. It's captivating, personal; inspiring, but also a little too jumpy. Just a little too fast-paced. Just a little sad that it's all over, maybe, even if they do tie up all the loose ends.

Well, except that Korra is still the last one of her lineage. She has eternally severed her ties with all previous avatars, and if she dies there might not be anyone left in the world to tell the tale of Wan - the first avatar! How's that for a cliffhanger? She has no family or fiancée or even boyfriend, despite all the series previously (and now seemingly unnecessary) relation drama, and most of the key figures in the series don't have much of a say at the end. I'd have liked some wise words from her Grandma. Or how about some air bender enlightenment. Or what about the president, Bolin & Co and old friends and enemies alike?

The final battle, somewhat unlike the battles of previous seasons, seems to gather momentum first in the final episodes, and it ends with but a fraction of the war we expected. It both looks feels like there was more to be told, but this is it, it's the end, and for the record: it ends well.


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