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Legend Of The Wolf (1997)

Legend Of The Wolf (1997)

If you thought this had anything to do with wolves you've been duped! But it does have to do with Donnie Yen, who as Fung Man-Hin has lost his memory, and tells a tale of his past through his present self, with the help of an old friend - of a time of love and tragedy and a fight he could never win... getting poetic watching all these old martial art movies am I?

The fights are a little repetitive here, the wolf howl came on late and the choreography's not perfect, but it's not bad. The end... it almost redeems it.

If you thought Ballistic Kiss was emotional you might want to have a look at this one too. It has a similar air to it. Though less dreamy; more somber.

Though the times are different the new generations are all the same. They all want more than they need to have.

Wise quote with the old making way for the new, but the new becoming old too, and people always want to tear down what's been built already. Sad truths that break the world we've made our world...

I like how this movie makes you see, but it's a little messy too, not just with the shift in time but with the overall progression in each phase, and the jumps between notable scenes. Sometimes they seem to focus on things that don't really matter. Sometimes they skip something that maybe did.

Donnie with the Bruce Lee style shouts too. Been a while since I heard those, didn't remember he did those. They stand out a bit.

But overall this was still a really good movie.

Interesting mood/style/hybrid of times.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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