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Legendary - Tomb Of The Dragon (2013)

Legendary - Tomb Of The Dragon (2013)

This movie had beautiful intro and credit backgrounds, and beautiful visuals overall, but the story itself is like an undecided hybrid between a kids adventure movie and real action/horror. It's like a mixture of Jurassic Park and Journey to The Center of The Earth. There's the good guy (Scott Adkins!) who wants to capture animals and keep them alive, and there's the other guy (Dolph Lundgren!) who just wants to kill them, who believes in 'survival of the fittest', who might actually be a coward at heart (but in the end he doesn't really seem like it)... you know the type: the obvious villain.

They start off on the same team, yet soon end up enemies. Time passes, and then fate has it they both embark on a search for the same animal - an amphibian reptile who does look a bit like a dragon indeed. This takes place in forested areas of China, so the sceneries are beautiful, and the location seems like a remote village ideal. In terms of scenery there is plenty to look at. In terms of action, there isn't as much. There are close encounters, there are deaths, but... there are no martial arts!! What's up with that, Adkins?! No martial arts?? It was a fun adventure, but not as fun as I hoped for.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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