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Léon: The Professional (1994)

Léon: The Professional (1994)

Regardless of the title this is the story of a hitman and a little girl - maybe all the more of the little girl. It's a story of two people from dysfunctional families who somehow find themselves in the same place; whose paths cross and converge in a lethal but fascinating and beautiful way.

They're different ages. From different strides of life - but maybe not as different as you might think

The girl loses her family in a drug bust gone wrong, seeks refuge with the hitman, and he teaches her to kill. Though he takes some convincing.

She teaches him to read. She teaches him to live. She tries to teach him to love, too.

They're two plants without roots that somehow find their way to the same pot.

It's one of Luc Besson's early movies, back before he'd gone mainstream entirely, though there's still Gary Oldman, and Jean Reno, and young Natalie Portman as the wonderful Mathilda. Albeit also dangerously spontaneous, and reckless, and maybe a little naive as to the wild ways of the world.

Though at times you wonder which of them is really living the biggest fantasy.

It's fun sometimes, it's scary sometimes, but for the most part it's heartfelt, and real - though so dangerous it couldn't possibly be, and the scenes are choreographed so well. From the first bang all the way till the finish.

It's a movie you don't forget, this one.

On IMDB it's one grandfathered into the greats of all time just like The Godfather, and dare I say... it's really a little better.

It gets me in my feels every time, but (and maybe that's also precisely why) I love this movie.

There's something so pure about it too, brutal though it may be.

I love that too.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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