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LETHAL Ladies: Return To Savage Beach (1998)

Return To Savage Beach (1998)

The movie starts off with a beach, a beautiful busty babe in bikini, quick character introductions (apparently they're all a bunch of secret agents... already the plot is beginning to thicken) as they all gather to watch a satellite launch and converse with a kind of acted dialog that makes my expectations on acting quality within this movie drop a bit lower than it initially was, and after that... it doesn't rise.

It's all so incredibly badly acted at first I wasn't sure I'd want to even leave a review, but around 30 minutes in a bunch of martial artists enter the scene and then... well no, actually I really don't have anything to say, not even the martial arts are good (but props for at least including some!). There are plenty of beautiful sceneries and beautiful people, and some entertaining gadgets and props, but as for acting and plot... it's about as generic as it can get.

 rated 2/5: decent


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