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Leviathan: The Story Of Hellraiser & Hellbound (2015)

Leviathan: The Story Of Hellraiser & Hellbound (2015)

Ever watched the original Hellraiser? Ever wonder how they did it, or who did it, or why, or any other relevant w regarding this masterful movie production of the exploration eighties?

Well then you might want to see this!

It's a solid documentary, though without much extra footage outside of new interviews with the cast, and clips from the movie. Not much material from behind the scenes back in the day. Would've liked more of that.

You do get some glimpses of a female Cenobite though, and oh boy is that a whole other world... I'm glad they didn't take the overly sexual route with the Hellraiser franchise as a whole, as it might've been just been buried in troves of B-movie sexploitation films then, but then again imagine if they had managed her well. Would've been a very different thing. I'm intrigued.

I have newfound respect for this series after seeing this too, for both the props and for the actors, and it's fascinating how the actor behind Pinhead almost seems to have actual pin imprints on his head - as if he became the role. Very different personality but not entirely unlike...

The only one in the cast who doesn't seem to get as much credit or praise is the girl (Imogen Boorman... was it?). It was her first role too, they said. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong name now, as it doesn't seem to have been Imogen's. Wonder what happened to her...

The rest of 'em are old now but: living the legacy.

Overall this feels like a somewhat late, but nevertheless interesting glimpse/set of interviews/showcase of pictures and other bits from the original films, and the legacy they left behind them.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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