The Darkness Inside

Written by Bob Axell

Latest chapter is 5, the story is not complete yet. A lot more to come, there will be a new chapter almost every week.

Chapter 1 – Fight
Chapter 2 – All odds against me
Chapter 3 – Routine
Chapter 4 – Phobos Moon
Chapter 5 – Nightware

Chapter 1 – Fight

They came towards me after each other, one after another, and I shot them all down.
Those hideous monsters with ugly faces that gave me memories from my child hood.
I didnt want to remember my childhood, so I pressed the trigger even harder. I didn’t really remember my childhood, I didnt remember anything before I was 8 years old. I remember a nice looking girl, about the same age as me, with light blond hair and smiling clear blue eyes. Walking towards me, slowly, and then getting shot down by someone, a shadow standing behind me. A shadow with a twisted face, twisting my fate, but I still dont remember how its face looked. I saw the faces of the monsters infront of me.

The gun started making a clicking sound. “click,click,click, click,click,click, click,click,click” it said. I realized that I was out of ammo. I quickly loaded another clip into my chaingun and started spraying led in the ugly beasts once again. They fell down, tried to get up and fell down again. Sometimes because of my bullets and sometimes of exaustion, tripping on the corpses of their buddies lying infront of them. I usually shot them in the legs and let them fall down and crawl on the ground for a while, suffering, before I killed them. They were all cocorouches to me.

I stood beside my friend Zhan, with the commander on my other side. The rest of the crew were scattered. Lying on the ground, either dead, dying or taking cover while shooting at the monsters. There were snipers on the roof of the ship and 10 plasma cannons had been set up ontop on piles of stone and dust. Our troop was very effective and so it had allways been. As long as i could remember. We had not had a single cassualty in 7 years. Things were changing today. The monsters, usually only equipped with rocks, sometimes nuclear waste and sharp metal objects, were now equipped with real weapons, weapons we had never seen before. They looked old and were made in some strange material supposedly called wood. I loaded another clip into my chaingun and continued shooting.

People thought that I was strange since i carried around a big heavy chaingun. Chainguns were supposed to be used on helicopters or hoverships they said. Most people wouldnt even be able to carry around a chaingun. They were probably just jealous. One of the most impossible things for mankind was admitting that someone was better than yourself. My dad used to tell me that, before he died. I dont remember how he looked, why he died, where he died or when he died. This year, small fragments of my memory before i was 8 had been popping up in my head. I found it strange and confusing, and there were many bits and pieces missing in the puzzle.

I continued shooting and shooting at the ugly things, at their corpses, even after they were dead. “You can stop now”, my commander said and laughed. “Just making sure that theyre dead” – I replied. “Its fine by me, but the control are complaining about the ammunition cost of my troop all the time”. “If it wasnt for you we probably wouldn’t have the best results of all dc hunters though, but then again, we probably wouldnt have the highest ammunition costs either” – He laughed again. I looked around, one of the creatures starting moving again so i shot it. Everything was quite now, I felt like shooting some more to break the silence.

The rest of the hunters should all have been shouting, hitting each other on the back and sighing out with relief now that the battle was over and that we had won. They didn’t. One of the snipers from the top of the ship fell down, if he hadn’t allready been dead he was definatly dead now. I looked around another time, at the corpses of all the dc hunters around me. The workers came out of the ship now, they starting carrying the plasma cannons back to the ship. The medical squad came out too and ran around to the dc hunters lying on the ground. They soon went back in, looking depressed.

Zhan and i slowly started walking back to the ship. Our ship was big. Infact it was the biggest, at least to my knowledge. We hadnt come across any other galaxy with a ship as big as this one. I was proud to be a part of the crew. I was proud to have been a part of the crew, it looked like we didnt have much of a crew anymore. We would have to go back to Earth and fetch a new one before we could proceed to the next battlefield. I pondered over why the monsters had weapons this time. Before they had been easy to kill, most of them had even tried to run away from us and the ones that didnt usually didnt even try to attack.

I heard gunshots. The workers still outside fell down and a line of monsters appeared from a crevice in the dusty surface. The ships engines were turned on and the hangar doors started closing. Zhan had allready run over to the ship and was climbing inside. I started running, my heavy chaingun slowed me down so I threw it to side. The monsters ran towards the ship too, shooting at the hoverengines. One of them started making a funny crackling noise and soon after exploded. The ship quickly rose upwards through the atmosphere. I looked up at it and saw it getting smaller and smaller. It all seemed so familiar, like a dream I had had.

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