The Darkness Inside

Chapter 5 – Nightware

I opened the huge, heavy metal door that lead into the hallway and held it open for Zhan to walk through. The hallway was long, cold and dark. The main electricity system had been taken out after the crash so the lights were not working and we couldn’t see much. I heard water dripping from the ceiling and guessed that some pipes had also been broken. “We need to get to the cockpit! “ I said. “From there we can open the hangar doors…” Zhan didn’t respond, he just followed me.

The ship was big, with many hallways and corridors. They stretched out in all directions like a big maze. I wondered where the rest of the crew was. After walking for what seemed like forever we heard a scream. A terrifying scream that echoed through the walls of the ship.

At first we were shocked, just stood there not knowing what to do. Then we ran forward to where the scream had come from.

I slipped and fell, into what I first thought was a puddle of water, from one of the pipes or water tanks that had been broken. Then I realized what it was. It was blood.

Now it was my scream that echoed through the walls of the ship.

I looked into the shadows of the hallway infront of me and thought I saw a pair of glowing yellow eyes, but then I blinked and they were gone.

I continued staring, wondering if I was dreaming or not

Suddenly I heard five gunshots, I spun around to face Zhan. He was looking in the opposite direction pointing his gun at the shadows. A heavy metal door slammed shut behind us and locked itself.I ran over to the door and tried opening it, but it wouldn’t budge.Instead I looked around the room.

It was a normal bedroom with two bunkbeds on one side and a bookshelf on the other filled with combat trainee books. I tried to avoid looking at the big puddle of blood in the centre. Looking out the window, the plains of sand were barren, as far as the eye could see the desert didn’t stop. There were four moons in the sky, they all shone bright red.

I sat down on the lower bunk bed wondering what to do.

I looked at Zhan. “Do you know which deck we’re on?” I said. “The 12:th deck, I think”, he replied. The cockpit was on the 20:th.

There was another scream, this time further away. I wondered what was going on and what had happened to everyone else. Were they all dead? No, I forced the thought out of my head. The ship suddenly lurched to one side as if it was sinking into the waves of sand. The door made a grinding sound and then the hinges flew off. One of them went straight through the window and made a small hole in the bulletproof glass. I looked out again and it seemed that we were on an even lower deck than before.

“It’s quicksand.” – Zhan said. I feared that he was right.

We pushed the door out of the way and started running toward the elevators.

The floor started tilting more and more and I feared that I would fall backwards.

It was slippery from the water of the broken pipes, or was it blood? I didnt have time to stop and see.

We reached the elevators, but the power was off and they were not working. There were no stairs.

I turned around to ask Zhan for advice and saw him falling down into the darkness of the hallway behind him.

That’s when I woke up . It had all been a dream. Zhan was sleeping on the bunkbed ontop of me. We were both on our way back to Earth in the battleship Harconnen after a war between us and the UAC in a far away galaxy. I looked out the window, below us there was a brown planet. I guessed that the surface was of sand. There were 4 moons in the sky, they all glowed bright red.

The ship suddenly started shaking. “This is the captain speaking, there is a fire in sector 4” … Sector 4 was were all the ships fuel was stored … “We will have to descend to the planet below and…” his voice was cut off. The ship plunged down torwards the surface of the planet, faster ans faster. I had a really bad feeling about it …

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