Devil 9

Devil 9
If only i could find a piece of mind …
Truth to chersih, hate and perish …

About :

The whole story started out as a daydream with me as the main character. It’s a whole different place based on reality, i built pieces together to form a whole new theory to life and this world. Step by step it gets further away from the truth we know and new perspectives keep popping up. it is inspired by much anime, games and weaknesses in my real life and is based very much on me.

In my mind i have allready reached the 5th book, and i am in process of writing down the first chapters on my computer now. A chapter at a time …

Book I – The real world
CH00 – Prelude
CH01 – Introduction
CH02 – This is me
CH03 – A life with no goal
CH04 – Selfesteeme
CH05 – Strength
CH06 – Motivation
CH07 – Freedom
CH08 – Reason
CH09 – Dead end

Book II – No peace of mind ( coming 2006 )
CH00 – Prelude
CH01 – The Meaning
CH02 – Stronger and stronger
CH03 – Hidden wisdom
CH04 – Hidden truth
CH05 – True friends
CH06 – Science
CH07 – Allchemy
CH08 – Warfare
CH09 – A journey without end

Book III – Forsaken Dimensions ( coming 2007 )
CH00 – Prelude
CH01 – Rampage
CH02 – The war
CH03 – Overtaking
CH04 – Dead population
CH05 – Death
CH06 – My nightmare
CH07 – Hellish Realms
CH08 – Forgotten Empire
CH09 – Roots of evil

Book IIII – Unbreakable dreams ( coming 2008 )
CH00 – Prelude
CH01 – Immortality
CH02 – War of mind
CH03 – A broken world
CH04 – Shattered Dimensions
CH05 – Another planet
CH06 – Mars Underground
CH07 – River of lava
CH08 – The Legend
CH09 – God
Book IIIII – Realm of the unknown ( coming 2009 )

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