Devil 9

Chapter 00 – Prelude

Dark was the night and the moon was bright. The mist gliding swiftly over a bed of rosebush. The silluette of a tree slowly gliding through the night as the moon shifted it’s positions.

I sat ontop of the second floor roof with my dark shadow resting behind me, staring out into the darkness as if I could see any activity in the distance. Everything was pitch black. The street below was empty and all the houses around were dark, everyone was asleep. Except me. For a moment it felt like the whole world was dead and I was the only survivor, struggling to live through a dark age where all signs of life had faded and only in the deep black sea remained lifeforms smoothly creeping through the cold water. A faint muffle and my dads snoring woke me up from my dreams and brought me back to reality. Clouds slowly covered the moon and the bright light dissapeared. The silence rang through my ears like churchbells and I examined the tiles beside me on the roof. They were old. There was thick moss growing in some places and they were withered by rain and age.

A small breeze came to disturb the silence and for a moment removed the ringing in my ears. Then it moved on to the new block and the silence settled once again. In 7th grade I had once performed the stupid act of shooting a soft air gun right next to my air, and the ringing hadn’t stopped since. Sometimes I would forget about it and when my surroundings were loud i couldn’t hear it at all, I guess I had gotten used to it. Silence bothered me though.

Suddenly i screamed, i screamed as loud as i could. I screamed as long as i could. I let out all my rage, hate, fear, all the feelings hiding inside me. A bloodthirsty, highpitched roar echoed through the silence. I don’t know why i screamed, sometimes I would do small things to give me motivation and to state that I was still alive … like throwing something at the wall. It made me feel like I had courage, like i ment something, like I wasn’t just living this life for nothing, that I could do something with my life. That was important to me. I hadn’t had the courage to throw many things in the wall, once I threw my toothbrush … and I was really happy after that. Gave me a temporary feeling of meaning.

Lights started turning on in the buldings surrounding me and I quickly crept back in through my window into my soft fluffy bed. I didn’t have the courage to stay standing out there on the roof in the middle of the night, even though i would have wanted too. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep …

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