Devil 9

Chapter 01 – Introduction

6:59 in the morning, I lay in my fluffy bed feeling sad for some reason, waiting for my alarm clock to start ringing so that I could turn it off and get out of bed. I had been lying there, half asleep, for 2 hours and I had been fully awake in the beginning, the cold air gliding through my room curling the furniture in coldness. Now I was tired and half asleep, almost falling asleep, shivering, thinking over my life again and again, still reaching no clearness in its meaning. The alarm clock finally rang after what felt like a whole lifetimes worth of waiting and I turned it off, stepped out of bed and got ready to go to school.

I stood in the small bathroom for 3 hours, staring into the mirror, trying to define the face that I saw staring back at me looking so confused. I missed the first lesson, and then I missed the second one as well and I left my trance so that I wouldn’t miss the third. I stepped down the stairs of our semi-spiraling staircase one at a time, one thought a step. Put on my huge shoes and my big black winter jacket with a clouded mind, opened the door and stepped outside with no more wisdom to find.

I walked along the wide steet with no sidewalks towards the busstation, it seemed to have rained during the night, for a short time while I was asleep and the pavement was coeated with a thin layer of water. The birds were silent and the atmosphere was heavy, there were no people outside and no cars either. I didn’t live in NYC though, I lived in Sweden, in Bro. There were no people or cars here. For that I was happy, I had never been very social and i had allways disliked big crowds and big crowded places. They gave me a dim illusion of what klastrophobia might be like, and though the noise did block out my annoying tinnitus it wasn’t much better. Music was my life and the noise of big places did not move in the friendly rythmetic patterns that i liked to hear.

The fiery leaves swirled around my feet, rotting away after their short and meaningless lifes. I arrived at the busstation just in time, seeing the red bus approaching in the distance. It stopped infront of me and the double doors opened letting out a disgusted sigh. There were a couple of other people sitting on the bus and the back was empty so I quickly made my way through the bus as it started moving and banked myself in the backseat. The bus moved slowly towards new locations, occasionaly stopping to pick up new passengers or to let out old ones that had been riding for years. Ouside the foggy glass trees brushed past in a looping pattern, I kept philosophizing through the short trip and when we reached the school I almost forgot to get off the bus.

I ran around the bus and started walking through the parkinglot in deep thoughts. Thoughts so deep that I walked a lap around the entire school building just to clear them out of my head. I didn’t have the time to get my books from the locker and I was to caught up in my thoughts to even consider the idea. I entered the class room in the middle of the teachers introductory speech about todays education and sat down on my chair. There I sat, I sat and thought, and did not listen to a single word the teacher said. I thought about why I was here, what I was doing here, who I was, who I would want to be, why I was me, what I should do, why I should do what, how I should do it, what would that matter.

I stood up. I slammed my fist ontop of the desk as hard as I could, it broke in half with a crunching laugh and I shouted, “WHAT THE HELL!”. The teacher was in the middle of a speech about violence in society, but had now stopped talking and just stared at me as if I was an alien or worse. I looked around the room, all eyes on me, and i saw the big windows at the end of the room pointing towards the school √®ntre. I didn’t think, if I did I probably would have stopped myself, I just ran right at them provocative monsters and i smashed right through.

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