Devil 9

Chapter 02 – This is Me

Bob Axell, 16 years old, 180 cm, 83 kilos, student, studying to become nothing, living to do nothing, eating to live, living to eat, living to collect, collecting will destroy my life. I had to do something, I had to do something to keep my life from being wasted, I had to start living before it was time to die. Those thoughts had allways haunted my mind before, but I had never done anything about them, now it was time to do something about them.

Noone was home when I walked back into my house. My mom was out shopping groceries, my sister was at the university and my dad was at work. I stomped up the stairs and sat down infront of my computer. The endless anime downloads were running at 147 kilobyte per second and the mozilla firefox browser took half a year to load. I searched google for the basics of php, opened up a 58 page tutorial and sat infront of the computer for 4 days in a row with no food or sleep. My family came home and went to sleep, then went to work and went back to sleep. On the 3rd day my teacher called and wondered if i was sick or something and I explained my lifetime decision, to quit school. By the time I was done I knew everything.

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