[Flash] Buttons

How to create a button in 5 easy steps

1 – Open up flash mx and create a new fla.

2 – Draw or write something.

3 – Select it,right click and “convert to symbol” (use the button option)

4 – Select the button, right click and “edit in place”.

You will now see that there are 4 sections, up,over,down and hit.
Up – how the button looks
Over – how the button looks when you move the mouse cursor over it.
Down – How the button looks when you press it.
Hit – The hit area of the button.

5 – Create a keyframe in each section and draw the button as you want it to appear in each stage.
What you draw in the hit stage wont show,it just determines where you can click on the button.

Now you have your button!What you should do now is add some script to it. Select the button,open the actions panel and type in :
on(release) {gotoAndPlay(1);}
These are the basics. You can change ‘realease’ to ‘press’ or ‘onmouseover’ or whatever youd like. ‘gotoAndPlay’ can also be relpaced by ‘gotoAndStop’, ‘stopAllSound’s, ‘stop’ or tons of other things. The ‘1’ is the frame number.

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