The Red Death

.An unknown Chapter in ”The Darkness inside”.
( The original version or inspiration of “The Darkness Inside”.

Vyril and Zhan has just crashed onto an unknown planet with the battleship Harconnen.

Without knowing that the native beast’s have entered the ship they try to find a way out.

Unknown Chapter: The Red Death

I opened the huge, heavy metal door that lead to the hallway. I continiued to hold the door to let Zhan through. He entered the hallway with his handgun ready. The hallway was long, cold and dark. The main electricity system had been taken out after the crash so 74% of the lights where out, so we couldn’t see much. – We need to get to the cockpit…from there we can open the hangar doors…

Zhan didn’t respont he just followed me. After a couple of minutes we hear the most terifing scream iv’e heard. It was someone he screamed out of fear and destpration, like when trying to escape from death. We ran forward to findout what it was, but we wheren’t prepared for what we saw. Standing over the corpse of a soldier, was a monster. It was partialy in the shadows but we could see its sharp claws, it’s yellow glowing eyes and its red scaley body. As we came closer it ran away. – What the hell was that! – I don’t know and i think i don’t want to know…let’s get the hell out of here. I searched the corpse and found a small flashlight. I imidietly put it on and the weak beam of light lit up the dark area. We heard a loud roar behind us and how something was running in our direction. – Run! We ran as fast as we could but the monster behind us was getting closer. Ahead of us was another metal door. I was faster then Zhan so i began opening the door. When he began to help me i could see the monster getting around the corner, running thoards us. We forced the door open and entered the room. We pushed the door shut but the monster got it’s arm through. Zhan fired five rounds into the arm and the monster withdrew. The door shut and locked itshelf tight. When we looked around inside the room and quickly realized that this room wasn’t as safe as we thought. There where about nine corpses in a giant pool of blood on the floor. A large hole had been blasted through the wall and we could see the outside from here. The plains of sand where barren, as far as the eye could see the desert didn’t stop. There was a storm outside and the wind howled. There was a pumpaction shotgun on the table in the middle of the room. I picked it up and pumped a shell into the chamber. A roar filled the room as a monster jumped inside through the hole in the wall. Zhan began to fire upon it but the weak handgun bullets had no direct effect. With the monster leaping against Zhan i fiered a round into the chest of it. The shot ripped a hole through the chest and blasted it outside. The black blood fromthe monster had been splatered on Zhan who had been paralyzed with fear. – Zhan, you ok? – Yeah…i think so… – Do you know wich deck we’re on? – About the 12:th deck, the cockpit is on the 20:th. A roar suddenly filled the air as the monster began to force the door open. It pounded the door and made a crater for

each punch. – Don’t just stand there! find a way out! Zhan shouted at me. I looked around and the only thing i could see was a small

ventilation shaft. It was either that or to climb out the hole in the wall to try to reach another hole or a airlock, it up to fate.

I looked outside the hole to find some kind of opening. About five meters above us, a laser beam had blasted through the hull and if we could get up there we could get inside. I had a grapling hook and i could probably get it up there in a trow or two. I put the shotgun down on the floor and began to swing the hook to get enough speed for it to get high enough. The first throw i missed totaly and the second missed also. – Hurry up Vyril it’s almost through! A claw bursted through the door close to Zhan’s head. He ducked and continied to hold the door closed. – I’ll be done in a sec! Hold out! I consentarted and tossed it with all my strength and managed to get it up. – Im ready!

Zhan released the door and ran toards me. He jumped and grabed the rope and began to climb. I didn’t have time to pick up the shotgun so i grabed the rope. As i was begining to climb the door fleew out the hole i had climbed out of. I heard it’s roar as i in haste climbed up the rope. I reached the edge and climbed into the room. The room i entered was the only one with light, not electrical light, it was light coused by fire. The laser blast had coused a chain reaction by destroying the armory, wich was probably filled with explosives and other weapons. Zhan was leaning over a corpse and was praying. I walked over to him and looked down on the burnt corpse. – Zhan…do you know this guy? – Yeah…he was my commander…i checked his dogtags. – Come one we have to hurry up, thoes things are nearby. – Yeah…we have to get out of here…even if we are the only survivors we have to compleat our mission. He walked over to door next to us and pulled up a submachinegun. – This will probably be able to hold them back, don’t you think? – Probably…open the door… He pulled the door opened and steped out into the hangar and i followed quickly behind him. The hangar was almost empty but the few remaining ships had been tossed around and where almost torn apart. The control room on the other side had power and could open the doors leading out to the hallway and the cockpit. We walked slowly through the empty hangar, trying to hear if something was nearby. The only sound around was the sound of our foot steps on the cold metal floor. As we walked through the long, dark hangar i thought about every thing that had happened, but i was interupted before i even started. A canister next to us was pushed and fell to the ground makeing a lound sound that filled the whole room. We looked in that direction and didn’t spot eanything eccept the canister. The monster was nearby, i could feel it’s presence. I looked at Zhan, he was filled with fear. – Zhan are you ok? he looked at me, the look upon his eyes where beyon words, nothing could describe what he looked like, but i soon knew why. He could see what was behind me. The reflection in his eyes showed me the monster standing right behind me. The sharp blade of the monster cut through my chest and splatered my blood all over Zhan. Zhan tried to shot but missed and hit my right shoulder. I took my dagger and held it upside down and hit the monster’s groin with it as hard as i could, trying to make it remove it’s blade. The plan worked and it removed the blade to fall over in pain and agony. For the first time i could clearly see it in the light of the flashlight. It had four arms, a pair of humanoid arms with claws and a pair of arms with one meter long blades instead up upper arms. It had a long tail with a small blade like tip and it’s head was like a dragon’s. It was about two meters tall and was well built. It had almost recovered from the cut and was getting ready to finish me. Zhan began to pump it full with bullets from the smg, but they had almost no effect. I looked around and spotted a plane with a heavy machinegun turret. I ran over to it and entered the turret. Zhan jumped aside to evade the monster’s attack, it bearly missed and it crashed into the wrekage of another plane. I started the electrical system inside the turret and loaded the machinegun. The small

amount of ion energy would manage to move the guns for a couple of seconds and then they could only fire. I aimed on the monster and squessed the trigger. The machineguns roared and began to rip the monster apart. I didn’t need the extra second to aim, the strenght in the 50.caliber bullets where enough to kill it instantly. I released the trigger and tried to climb out but a had lost to much blood and passed out.

I woke up later in the cockpit. Zhan had managed to drag me along the whole way, fighting tons of monsters to get up here. I was laying on a table stained with my own blood. I had bandages all over my upper body and the bleeding had almost stopped. I looked around and didn’t spot Zhan. I arose and began to walk around tryin to find him. But the only thing i could see was huge amounts of blood on the floor, leading to the medbay next to the cockpit. As i steped outside the cockpit i tripped on the body of a monster, but there was not only one around. There where a total of seven monsters around, All full of bullet wounds. Zhan’s submachinegun was laying on the ground next to them. I stepped over thier bodies and walked over to the medbay door. The door leading to the hallway had been busted open and had heavy metal gurdles bolted over the hole, only leaving a small hole in the right corner open. I could see the light in the eyes of the monster horde outside. They hungered for human flesh as they stalked us around the ship. I entered the medbay and found Zhan’s body on the floor next to a pair of statchel charges. – Zhan! I pulled him up trying to make him aware of me. – Come one! don’t die yet! he opened his eyes. – Vyril? – Yeah… – Are you ok? – What the hell are you talking about! you are the one who needs help!

He smiled. – I have nothing left…i found my family on the 19 deck…every one killed by thoes things…i want you to leave me here. – What! – There is nothing you can do…my wounds are to big…i can’t stop the bleeding…i’ll die in about 20 minutes… I looked on his wounds and as he said they where to big to be abel to heal. He had three long wounds on his back and hundreds of smalled cuts all over the body. It was a miracle he was able to speak, or be able to heal me. – I wan’t you to do one thing for me… – What? – I name these things Zherkians…after my ancestors…give eany sientist this disc…it contains data on these beasts…no leave…i have placed over 50 statchel charges all over the ship…they will detonate on the push of this button…ill hold on as long as i can…then ill press it…you have about 12,5 minutes to get the hell out of here… – But… – Just Leave! He pushed me away and left the room. I had taken one of the remote charges and i threw it out of the small hole. I looked around and found one of the heavy machineguns from the fighter plane in the hangar. I pulled a robe around my torso so i could weild the gun and move at the same time. I was still wounded so couldn’t run. I pressed myshelf against the wall to evade the blast. I calmly pressed the button and stod my ground as the blast destroyed the sealed enterence along with meany of the Zherkians outside. I turned around and faced the now open door. As quickly as i blasted most of them to hell, the Zherkians rushed into the room. With the heavy machinegun ready, i opened fire upon the beasts of this planet. The 50.Cal bullets ripped through their bodies and blasted them to the deepes parts of hell. With no monsters nearby and no ammo left, i dropped the weapon and ran out the door to try to reach the hangar. As i ran through the hallways i heard how the Zherkians where closing in behind me. I didn’t have time to try to make a diversion of somekind, the ship whould blow up before i reached the hangar if i did. I came to the open elevator shaft. There was a long way down and i would die if i missed the floor i was trying to reach. With the Zherkians right behind me i leaped of the edge. The Zherkian closest to me missed my with an inch when he tried to hit me. Grabbed a pipe and used it to get stuck between the two elevators below the floor i was going to. I swung up and climbed up to the hangar. The doors where open and i could see daylight outside. I ran as fast as i could thoards the light, to safety, to my rescue, Atleat i thought so.

What awaited me was far worse then what had happened inside the ship. I would meet the king of the Zherkians, The Red Death…


By : Anders Kettunen and Bob Axell

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