Snake surprises truck driver

A lorry driver who stopped for a toilet break in a layby got a shock when he discovered he was being watched by an 8ft python.

The snake weaved its way toward his feet as he stopped for the break on the A59, near York.

He called police who alerted RSPCA staff, reports the York Press.

Animal collection officer Helen Martindale said: “The python had wrapped itself around one the branches of the tree and was sitting there staring at us.

“It was much bigger than any snakes I’ve dealt with before. Occasionally, we’ve had corn snakes that have escaped, but nothing like this.

“The lorry driver said he got the shock of his life when he saw it crawling out of the bushes.”

It is thought the snake was abandoned or escaped from a local house.

The snake was put in a box and taken to a sanctuary in Knaresborough.

Source : Ananova

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