Cat sets up home in nest

A cat has set up home in a bird’s nest in Norfolk.

Wendy Hobbs, from Reepham, first spotted the cat up the tree a week ago, reports the Daily Mail.

She was about to phone the fire brigade when she noticed the stray had set up home in the nest.

The cat only leaves the cherry tree to beg for food at her back door then climbs back up the tree.

Mrs Hobbs said: “I don’t know why she loves the tree. She sits there watching the traffic. My husband and I think the nest must have been a pigeon’s because it’s so messy.”

Mrs Hobbs has tried to find the cat’s owners, she added: “We have phoned the vet’s and apparently there have been no cats reported missing.

“I’m sure someone must be looking for her and I’ve put adverts up everywhere.”

Source : Ananova

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