MP posts Cameron spoof on YouTube

A Labour MP has posted a spoof video of David Cameron on YouTube in which he invites voters to sleep with the Tory leader’s wife.

Sion Simon poses as Mr Cameron to mock his WebCameron project, in which he was filmed talking in his kitchen while doing the washing-up.

Wearing a baseball cap and T-shirt, Mr Simon calls himself ‘Dave’ and is shown in a lounge speaking directly to the camera in his video, entitled ‘Webcameron down with the kids’..

He says: “Yo. My name’s Dave, yeah? Thing is, I’m just like you. I’ve got the same worries, the same troubles, the same cares, the same trouble and strife.

“Want to sleep with my wife? That’s cool. Come down, check it out, we’ll sort it out. Safe.”

The 37-year-old Birmingham Erdington MP adds: “I’ve got two kids – kid one, kid two. You like them? Take one – that’s cool.”

Peter Luff, Tory MP for Mid Worcestershire, said Mr Simon should be “thoroughly ashamed of himself”.

Mr Simon defended his spoof video, accusing Mr Cameron of a “naked and shallow” attempt to latch onto “youth culture” through his video blog.

He said it was it was “satire” and “not the slightest bit offensive”, but added: “I will take it down if David Cameron asks me to take it down.”

Source : Ananova

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