Tumble dryer prank backfires

Four firefighters have escaped the sack for a prank in which one of them was filmed inside a tumble dryer.

Simon Leyland, Glenn Simon and Chris Wilcox filmed colleague Andy Bruce climbing into the machine at Blackley fire station in Manchester.

The dryer was then switched on and he was turned over several times as colleagues laughed in the background.

The film was posted on the internet, reports the BBC.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said the four firefighters suspended over the prank had been fined and given a written warning.

The firefighters released a statement, saying: “We recognise that our behaviour was totally irresponsible and we’re genuinely ashamed and would stress that nobody should try to copy the stupid act that we did.”

County Fire Officer Barry Dixon said: “While it may appear amusing to some people it must not be forgotten that the fire and rescue service… works in an environment in which health and safety has to be a priority.”

Source : Ananova

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