‘World’s oldest man’ dies

A Cuban man, who believed he was the oldest person in the world at 126, has died in hospital.

Benito Martinez, whose age was never proved, was certain that he was born in Haiti in 1880, reports the BBC.

He believed his longevity was down to hard work, fresh vegetables, not too many cigars, a little alcohol – and never marrying.

Mr Martinez was the star of a Cuban government campaign to promote healthy lives for its oldest citizens.

Until his last months, he led a relatively active life, tending plants outside his one-bedroom house, visiting the local old people’s home and even going dancing.

He was born in Haiti and is believed to have come to Cuba in 1925 at the age of 45 as a farm labourer.

His neighbours remember the man with the broad toothless grin as always being very old.

Mr Martinez was the leading light of Cuba’s 120 club, an organisation which aims to promote healthy living for the elderly.

The Cuban government tried but failed to uncover baptism records or a birth certificate in Haiti.

For that reason Benito Martinez was never officially the world’s oldest man.

Source : Ananova

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