Mickey gets jiggy

Euro Disney bosses are said to be furious after a pirate video was released showing Minnie Mouse and Goofy simulating sex.

The costumed characters simulate sex in an illicit clip shot at a theme park and circulated on the internet, reports the Sun.

The footage even shows Mickey Mouse in a gay clinch with a snowman.

Minutes after the backstage frolics, the characters go out to perform their regular Disney routine in front of hundreds of kids.

An insider said: “It’s Disney characters as you’ve never seen them before. Goofy grabs Minnie’s boobs but the highlight has to be Mickey’s gay romp.”

The two minute clip is believed to have been shot by another worker with a concealed camera at Disneyland Resort Paris.

A Disney spokeswoman said: “We are aware of the video that was taken in an area not accessible to guests at Disneyland Resort Paris.

“We regret any offence it might cause. Action has been taken to prevent this happening again.”

Disney declined to say whether any staff had been sacked or disciplined.

Source : Ananova

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