Prisoners in the pink

A US prison has been painted pink and inmates forced to wear pink jumpsuits and pink slippers to try to stop them reoffending.

Sheriff Clint Low says reoffending is down by 70% at Mason County Jail in Texas, since he introduced the colour change.

”They don’t want to wear them,” he told the San Angelo Standard Times.

“Working inmates get a choice to work outside or sit inside, and some choose to sit inside because they don’t want people to see them. They would rather stay upstairs.”

The Mason County Jail, built in 1894, is among the oldest working jails in the state. It has a capacity of just five inmates – four males and a female.

Sheriff Low says it would make a better museum than a prison and urgently needs replacing.

But, in the meantime, he hopes his pink jumpsuits will discourage offenders from coming back.

”That’s not the Holiday Inn they are staying in up there,” he said.

Source : Ananova

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