Women ‘grumpier than men’

Women are grumpier than men in the morning, according to a new survey.

The study found women were grumpier than men when they wake up – and stay in a bad mood for longer.

Thirteen per cent of women are in a bad mood for up to four hours after waking, compared to a tenth of men, according to the study by the Sleep Council.

Spokeswoman Jessica Alexander said: “Many more men than women claim to get a good seven nights sleep a week, so perhaps it is not surprising that more women than men get out of bed on the wrong side.”

Forty per cent of people studied blamed their bad mood on a disturbed night, while 24% point to stress and worry.

Londoners are the grumpiest, but only seven per cent of people in the North East and Yorkshire get seven nights of good sleep.

The Sleep Council questioned 2,105 adults for the study.

Source : Ananova

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