Hospitals ban novelty socks

Hospital staff have been banned from wearing silly socks.

Doctors, nurses and cleaners working in East Lancashire Hospitals could face disciplinary action if they turn up for work with characters like Donald Duck or Homer Simpson on their ankles.

Also banned on the list is clothing that is deemed too tight, extreme hair styles, large bows or hair bands and even some visible tattoos.

The Trust covers employees in Burnley, Blackburn and Rossendale.

The MP for Hyndburn, Greg Pope, said: “I’m sure to get some for Christmas and I wouldn’t have any problem wearing them in Parliament. They are harmless fun.”

A Trust spokesman said the move was an attempt to “establish a corporate identity across the trust”.

He added: “The policy is about having a uniform and a more professional appearance.”

But one NHS staff member was quoted as saying: “It’s daft. They should spend time trying to get rid of the debt.”

The Trust faces a deficit of £11.6m.

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