Pensioner survives 100ft fall

A pensioner walked away with cuts and bruises – after driving his car over a 100ft cliff.
The drama was witnessed by Andy Baldwin who called 999 – but only realised later the driver was his own stepfather Terry Flynn, 72.

Mr Flynn swerved off a coast road in his Vauxhall Corsa and smashed through a barbed wire fence into a field, reports the Mirror.

He then drove in circles round the field in the pitch black before plunging over the cliff 300 yards from the road.

But, amazingly, Mr Flynn had only minor head and rib injuries. He was winched to safety by coastguards and taken to hospital where he was said to be “comfortable”.

Mr Baldwin, 54, who was driving past at the time of the crash, said: “It seems Terry swerved to avoid an animal and ended up in a field.

“He got disoriented, probably banged his head, and drove over the cliff. The car is almost completely flattened. It was low tide otherwise he could have drowned.”

A Hampshire Police spokeswoman said: “We are treating it as an accident. We have no idea why he lost control.”

Source : Ananova

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