Trainspotter told to remove carriage from garden

A trainspotter has been ordered to remove a 58ft railway carriage from his garden.

Eddie Knorn, 41, says his carriage has made the road outside – an accident blackspot – safer by making motorists slow down.

But council officials have ruled it is a hazard to motorists and must go from his home at Wardle, in Cheshire, reports the Daily Mail.

Mr Knorn, a railway engineer, moved from Cambridgeshire to South Cheshire in April to be at the heart of the country’s railway industry, costing him around £3,000 to transport it.

He insisted the 60mph stretch of the single carriageway A51 outside his two-bedroom cottage was safer because of his eye-catching hobby.

“I’ve seen people slowing down for a closer look which has to be a good thing on this road,” he said.

He was allowed to take the carriage for free from a railway siding in Leeds last year where it had been used as a makeshift office after being taken out of service in 1989.

Since then he has spent more than £10,000 on it – £7,000 moving it by low-loader to his former home in Cambridgeshire and then to Cheshire and a further £3,000 on renovations.

Mr Knorn and wife Tracey, 36, a senior nursing sister, are now trying to find a railway yard that will take it.

Source : Ananova

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