Briton is world champ – at ‘rock, paper, scissors’

A Londoner is hoping to become BBC Sports Personality of the Year after winning the ‘rock, paper, scissors’ world championships.

Sales manager Bob Cooper, 28, won the title by defeating a field of more than 500 contestants in Toronto.

He puts his success down to hard work, training, research and sunglasses, reports the BBC.

“It’s similar to poker when you’re out there bluffing, putting out the right or wrong signals. The eyes give away a lot so the shades are a definite benefit,” he said.

Mr Cooper spent one or two hours each day training for the event, playing friends and colleagues or studying tactics.

His fans have voted for him to be nominated for BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Voting for nominees is now closed.

“Hopefully I could get nominated for Sports Personality of the Year, or we could begin a campaign to reopen nominations,” he says.

Source : Ananova

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