Halle Berry falls victim to stunt at film premiere

Halle Berry has been barred from her own movie premiere as bouncers turned her away from the glitzy Hollywood launch.

The Oscar-winning star found herself rowing with doormen as she arrived at a Los Angeles cinema for the screening of Gothika.

But the actress, wearing an elegant tangerine dress, found she was on the receiving end of an MTV stunt.

Berry was the victim of the music station’s show Punk’d which plays pranks on celebrities.

The show’s host Ashton Kutcher, who is Demi Moore’s partner, was grinning in the background as Berry tried to talk her way in. Other stars who have been duped by the show include Justin Timberlake, Pink and Kelly Osbourne.

Also at the premiere were fellow Gothika stars Penelope Cruz and Robert Downey Jr, as well as Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett.

In the film Berry plays a criminal psychologist who finds herself in a mental institution with no memory of a murder she has apparently committed.

Source : Ananova

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