The Darkness tipped for Christmas top spot

Music boffins predict it will be a straight fight between The Darkness and Pop Idol stars for the Christmas chart-topper – because they hit the most seasonal notes.

Experts at British Hit Singles say the two tracks are the songs which have more of the right festive ingredients.

Both acts are bidding for the number one with singles out next month.

Researchers for the book say ballads make up the biggest category of Christmas number ones, accounting for two fifths.

Songs with a religious or Christmas theme such as Mistletoe & Wine by Sir Cliff Richard account for 22% of the seasonal top slots.

Novelty songs have made up 16% of the big hits, such as Benny Hill’s Ernie The Fastest Milkman In The West.

British Hit Singles editor David Roberts said: “You look at this year’s runners and riders and you’ve got Cliff, The Darkness and Bill Nighy being festive, Noddy and Avid Merrion going down the novelty route and cover versions by Atomic Kitten and Blue.

“These are all serious contenders but if our research is correct, the Xmas No.1 will be one of two possibilities – either the Pop Idol 12’s version of Happy Xmas (War Is Over) which satisfies many winning criteria – ballad, cover version and Christmas content. It could be unbeatable.

“However, our money would be on The Darkness’s Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End), because it’s almost a ballad, refers to Xmas a lot, could almost be a novelty record and – crucially – features a choir of children. Oh, and it rocks.”

Bookmaker William Hill ranks the 12 Pop Idol finalists as the favourites at 5-6, while Bill Nighy’s Christmas Is All Around is at 4-1. The Darkness are at 7-1.

Source : Ananova

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