Sharon Stone grabs a Gran

Sharon Stone has officially adopted some grandparents.

The actress met Neil and Eileen Mitzman through their work as founding members of an Aids charity.

“You don’t have to adopt only kids,” she told Hello! magazine. “You can adopt brothers, aunts, even parents if you want. And I’ve adopted Neil and Eileen.

“They’re an older couple in New York who back in the 1970s adopted two daughters, then one died in a car accident and the other died of Aids.

“That’s a lot of heartache, which they’ve turned into a lot of hard work to support other parents.”

Stone said the idea of adopting the couple came to her while visiting them in their New York home in connection with charity work.

“While I was there I thought how precious they are to me so I took Eileen and Neil aside and said: “Do you want to be my officially adopted grandparents?”

“Neil then told me that he and Eileen had been talking only that morning about being married 45 years but not having any grandchildren.

“So now they’re my grandparents. They spend time with me and my parents, they spend holidays with us… I really know they’re my grandparents because every time I call them, they complain I never call them!”

Stone also has an adopted son, Roan, now three, with newspaper editor husband Phil Bronstein, although she and Bronstein are now separated.

Source : Ananova

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