Kate Winslet inspired new Jag

Kate Winslet’s body has been revealed as the inspiration for Jaguar’s new sportscar.

Winslet, 31, revealed she was in the mind of Jaguar’s chief designer Ian Callum when he created the new Jaguar XK.

She told American chat show host Jay Leno that Callum had “decided that I, for whatever reason, was his ideal woman. So I guess he was inspired by the shape of my body, which is kind of flattering”.

But the actress joked that she would have liked to have been involved in the design.

“The headlights are too small. They will have to go. And it needs a bar under the dashboard with pink and blue neon lights, umbrellas and pineapples,” she said.

“And wings, like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. And inflatables, so it can go in water. I absolutely think I should get a free car.”

Callum, Jaguar’s chief designer who worked on the Aston Martin DB7, confirmed that Winslet was his inspiration.

“Kate Winslet is my ideal woman. She is naturally a very shapely woman, very British with an underlying integrity and ability. Like a car, she has got substance, she is not just a pretty face,” he said.

“So I designed the new XK body with her in mind. The interesting thing is that so many woman find sensual cars more appealing as well.”

Source : Ananova

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