10 Days Until Christmas

10 Days left,
Only ten days!
Until we celebrate,
In many different ways,

No matter the place,
Puts a smile on the face,
And there is no competition,
Still everythings a race,

Waiting till late night,
For some its early day,
When presents are opened,
And everyone goes YAY,

While everyone in snoring,
Some wake up in the morning,
Somewhere the sun is shining,
Somewhere the rain is pouring,

Here it’s hopefully snowing,
Outside the plows are plowing,
I peacefuly eat my porrige,
Watching the moon glowing,

Through mist and clouded clouds,
The sun looks curiously down,
Upon the rare footprints,
Of creatures moving around,

Everything is still,
Everything is quite,
Still people sleep restlessly,
In the late of the night,

Suddenly I remember,
It’s already the 14th of December,
And I still haven’t bought a single gift,
So much thoughts I miss,

The next week,
There will be little time,
All shops will be crowded,
People standing in line,

I have a lot of assignments,
I have to get done,
But after all is finished,
Then it’s time to have fun,

When everything is over,
And it’s christmas in the air,
I’ll wrap in all the presents,
And I’ll have time to prepare,

Then I can stop these updates,
Then I can relax and chill,
Beside the Christmas tree,
With endless time . . .

To Kill.

A short poem by Bob Axell

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