[Book] Animal Farm

The Major has a dream, a dream of how the world would be where animals lived freely, without humans to enslave and take care of them. He tells the rest of the animals in the farm this, he talks about the inequalities between humans and animals and he remembers a song he used to hear when he was small. A song that he never heard the words to but that he remembers now. Three days later he dies peacefully in his sleep. The animals soon start a revolution and chase away the farmer and his helpers. The animals take over, lead by the two smart pigs, Napolean and Snowball, and their loyal followers boxer and Clover. At first everyone is happy, the animals all live together in peace. Snowball writes up 7 rules that all animals shall follow. Napoleon breaks them all, he lives in the house, he drinks alcohol, he does not think of other animals equally. Snowball soon figures this out and tries to stop Napoleon, but fighting for justice isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

The main characters in the story are Snowball and Napoleon. Allthough Major is probably the most important one since the story wouldnt take place at all if it wasn’t for him. There are plenty of other characters that play important roles as well. The whole story takes place in the same place, the farm. Firstly owned by Jones and later taken over by the animals. You get to follow the whole cycle from evil to good and then evil again.

I think that this is a great book. Easy to read, short and interesting, but also with an underlying deeper meaning (which is what makes it so interesting). On the surface the story is about animals, but it’s based on politics; the animals stand for people and ideas. The whole story is actually an allegory on Russia in the early 20th century. Old Major is a symbol for Karl Marx (the father of communism), Snowball represents Leon Trotsky (a good person ) and Napoleon as Joseph Stallin. Most of the other important animals are also symbols for other important people or ideals. This story shows how power and greed can corrupt people, which I think is the main point that the author tried to convey.

“Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Machiavelli

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