10 Signs that your Dog doesn’t like your husband

1. Your dog keeps running away, but you always know where to find him: In front of your ex-boyfriend’s door.

2. He brings your husband his slippers and he brings you the car keys.

3. He eats a load full of grass in the backyard, comes back in the house and waits by your husband’s shoes.

4. When he eats his dogfood, he gags everytime your husband walks past him.

5. After your wedding, he played dead for a week.

6. You notice that all the other dogs in the neighborhood keep giving your husband dirty looks.

7. When he’s supposed to bring your husband the paper, the only part he brings are the “apartments for rent.”

8. When your husband walks the dog, your dog tries to drag him to another neighborhood.

9. When you come home, your dog comes running over to greet you. When your husband comes home, the dog sits down and starts scraping his butt along the carpeted floor.

10. Your husband’s cat has been missing for days.

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