Z-Ro – Jus’ A Hoe

Yeah man, know I mean
Let’s go up in this strip club mayn
See what’s shaking up in this mo’fucker mayn
You know I mean, yo-yo-yo-yo baby
Give me some tequila girl, you know I mean

[Hook – 4x]
You just a hoe, I ain’t a hoe

You just a hoe slut bitch, with a big old butt
All in them guts girl, I ain’t had enough
Rough sex, you dancing like you ain’t made no money
It’s kinda funny, I met a super bad bitch named Sunny
And Z-Ro she want a nigga built, like a super hero
Yo I give her that, because her pussy was fat
Her nickname was Cat, light skinned and black
But she sell her pussy, just like if you were selling some crack
Like a half ounce, or a O-Z
The bitch know me, fifty pounds of that pussy
Open the do’ hoe, I see hoes galo’
She said stop, but she wanting some mo’
Do you clean up the room girl, clean up my shit
And get it right, cause we doing it all damn night
I dick you down, cause you love that sound
That’s how you do it bitch, or give me a pound for pound
Laying it down, I lay the pipe all night
It’s like an apple cause that bitch so ripe, that pussy tight
Girl tell me how you feeling, cause you all on the couch
When I stick it in girl, you yelling out ouch

[Hook – 4x]

Bitch, you ain’t nothing but a hoe
Acting like you love me, just to get next to my do’
To me, you’ll never be as pleasing as my hydro
Please stop following me, everywhere that I go
Trying to handcuff me, on a relationship’s a no-no
The only bitch I respect, is tinted and fo’ do’
I use to love em, but I really don’t love em no mo’
Give me a half of pound, and you can run with Z-Ro hoe
I’m a veteran bitch, square ass niggaz y’all rookies to me
Wrap a hundred dollas around my dick, that’s pussy to me
Bitch ain’t good for nothing, but sucking dick and getting they back broke in
Receiving head, as I keep smoking
Hell naw you can’t get a kiss bitch, keep sucking
And I’ma ka-uh-keep, a-busting nut after nut
Let me rub it on your butt, you know you like it
If a stranger tried to rape you, you wouldn’t even fight it

[Hook – 4x]

Tell me how you need it need it
Roll a swisha sweet, keep me weeded
Tweeded I’m heated, you loving the way I read it
Girl tell me something, girl that’s how I need it
10-25 you stay alive girl, I like your vibe
You said how, I wanted to get high
This for my nigga Z-Ro, so pour tequilo
All my niggaz know how we go, you know that we know

We know, you a hoe
The way you be drinking that semen, fa sho you a hoe
The reason trick niggaz be fiending, to come out they pocket
And spend a dolla on the dug out, but I gotta knock it
Daz it ain’t a piece of ass, that I ever had don’t deserve a fee
It might be big and juicy, but it’s full of S-H-I-T
Stank bitch, I be damned if Z-Ro open up a door fo’ you
All you getting is dick, that’s the only thing to show for you

[Hook – 4x]

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