Z-Ro – What’s My Name

You better tighten up on your back stroke
Trying to fuck around with Z-Ro in the game
It’s not all about running your mouth all the time
It’s all about stacking your change
Now I don’t know if you’ve been told
I make it hot your ass gone have to stay in doors
Cause I’m a gangsta, gangsta
Diamond in the back, sun roof top
Grill in the front steady making it drop, the bubble grey, all day
So when you see me swanging, knocking the belts off the bumper banging
It don’t stop, and it won’t stop

I’m your partner, I’m your nigga
Went from broke to bigger figgas
Not no buster, I’m a real g
Even keep us in this rugged penitentiary
You know me, Bridgemont 4
I represent whatever real I couldn’t be a hoe
What’s my name (Z-Ro), what’s my name (Z-Ro), Z-Ro

Here we go, fanatical radical rhyme flow
Started out with a passion for music loving how it go
I use to, talk about poverty, talk about crooked cops
Talk about grown men raping children it ain’t gone ever stop
I’m a spokesman for the ghetto nearest you
I’m a Picaso in the this rap game
paint a picture giving you the clearest view
24/7, 3-65 I’ma pump, put it to mama
I’m a hustler I done said you a camel with no humps
Look What You Did To Me was my first c.d.
If it went three final on that I never had a worse c.d.
Geurialla Maab riots, Z-Ro Vs. The World, King Of The Ghetto
I done grabbed hold to the rap game and can’t let go
I’m a feed it to you through the speaker
listen at the highs listen at the mids
Everybody loving this even let the old folks listen and the kids
Certified ghetto platinum, cause I’m a champion
But it’s for the money, catch it dead if you don’t have no fun


It’s been a long time I’ve been out on the grind trying to find my way
But I can’t escape none of the drama, haters jepordize my day
I tried to walk on the straight and narrow
and try to stay as sane as I can
But I’m just a man, doing all I can
Have mercy on me father, I’m guilty
but I’m trying harder to do right, do right
But will I see my children starving
I get gangster and I start to mobbing
It don’t stop, and it won’t stop

[Chorus – 2x]

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