Sexual orientation ‘affects map reading skills’

Straight men are best at map reading and heterosexual women worst, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Warwick say sexual orientation, as well as gender, affects navigation skills, reports the Daily Telegraph.

They claim straight men perform better at map reading than gay men who in turn perform better than lesbians, who in turn do better than straight women.

But old age withers all men’s minds alike, and at a faster rate than women’s, according to Prof Elizabeth Maylor.

“This is a novel finding,” she said. “Only gender has an effect on rate of ageing, not sexual orientation.”

Data was taken from over 198,000 people aged 20-65 years (109,612 men and 88,509 women).

Men outperformed women on tests such as mentally rotating objects and matching angles, while women outperformed men in verbal dexterity tests, and remembering the locations of objects.

So while men may be better at map reading, women are better at finding the car keys.

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