Ferrari owner seeks £300,000 damages

A businessman is suing a bus company for more than £300,000 over a crash which smashed up his rare supercar.

Property tycoon Frank Mountain has issued a High Court writ, claiming a reckless bus driver was to blame for the damage to his £600,000 Enzo Ferrari.

The writ alleges the single-decker bus was being driven too fast when it rounded a bend on the wrong side of the road and collided with his car, reports the Daily Mail.

The hand-built Ferrari – of which only 399 were made, plus one offered to Pope John Paul II which was auctioned in 2005 for £741,000 in aid of Tsunami victims – then careered into a Volkswagen Golf.

Nobody was hurt in the accident, but the Golf was written off and the red Enzo had severe damage to its offside which had to be repaired at Ferrari’s Modena factory in Italy.

Wilts and Dorset bus company, whose driver was involved, dispute the claim.

Bus driver Thomas Doyle, 54, insists the crash was not his fault.

He said: “My wife Christina was furious. She said, ‘You couldn’t have been in an accident with anything cheap could you?'”

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