Emu sparks police chase

A mystery emu sparked an international incident after it went on the run from police.

The emu was first spotted in Germany, but after several hours of failing to catch the bird with officers in patrol cars, vets and local zoo staff, the police called in Swiss reinforcements.

But even with the combined efforts of both German and Swiss police, the emu which was clocked running at 30mph through some areas still managed to avoid capture, and in the end had to be shot by German hunters.

The six-foot bird was spotted walking around Grenzach-Wyhlen near the German border and police at first tried to catch it using the help of staff from a local zoo.

A police spokesman said: “We managed to shoot the bird, but we are still trying to find out how it got here in the first place. No bird farms or zoos in the area say they are missing an emu. It is a mystery.”

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