Rooftop romp watched by thousands

A video of two lovers caught in the act on top of a London building has spread like wildfire on the internet.

Staff at Soho production company, MJZ, filmed the pair and posted the video on YouTube, reports the Sun.

The ‘Sex and the City’ clip has already received thousands of hits from all over the world on the video sharing site.

A producer at MJZ said she was shocked to look out from her 2nd floor window and spot the pair engaged in their sunshine romp.

She said: “I was working away and looked up and saw this bloke and a girl in the doggie position going at it on top of a building across the road.

“I couldn’t believe it, I started laughing and shouted to a couple of my colleagues and then one of the girls grabbed a camera and began filming it.”

During the 30-second clip a male voice says “this is insane” before a female screams “how can they not think everyone’s looking?”

The MJZ staffer added: “It was brilliant afternoon entertainment but I bet they are regretting it now. They are the laughing stock of London.”

It is believed the pair were on top of the Windmill Theatre building in Great Windmill Street but their identities are unknown.

The Windmill International, an upmarket table top dancing club in Great Windmill Street, denied their staff were involved.

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