Council acting the goat

A pilot project in which poor families are given goats instead of benefits is creating controversy in Romania.

The new project is expected to start next month in the village of Independenta, in Constanta county, and will be available for 20 families.

Each of them will be given 10 goats which they will use as a source of food and income.

The goats cannot be sold or eaten and the owners will be ‘taxed’ by returning three kids per year to the local council.

The project is being harshly criticised by Romanians living abroad who claim it damages the country’s image.

Romanians living in the US say the country ‘is presented in a humiliating way and depicted as a Romanistan’.

But in the village of Independenta, the scheme seems to be successful.

Cristea Giscan, the mayor of Independenta, said many families, from newly-weds to pensioners, who wanted to join the project.

He said: “By giving poor families money we were only encouraging them to live from others’ work which is very unethical. Those who oppose the programme are simply not willing to work.”

The mayor said the scheme will be extended and made available for all the citizens of the village who would like to take part in it.

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