Man sleeps through gunshot to head

A West Virginia man slept through being shot in the head as he lay in bed after a big night out.

Michael Lusher, 37, of Altizer, was sleeping in his mobile home when a gunman fired five bullets into the trailer.

One of them struck Mr Lusher in the head. But he didn’t notice until he woke up four hours later and spotted blood, reports the Huntington Herald Dispatch.

The bullet had slowed down as it passed through two walls before hitting Mr Lusher who had only just returned home from a night out.

Cpl. R H McQuaid, of the local Sheriff’s Department, said: “It was a small-calibre handgun, so it lost a lot of velocity as it traveled through the walls of the trailer

“We’re just glad he didn’t suffer any life-threatening injuries with a head wound. He is being kept under medical observation to make sure there is no swelling of the brain.”

“Once he is able to give us a good interview, we hope to have a strong case. Already several persons of interest have developed.”

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